Four Commercial Office Design Trends For 2020

When you spend most of your time in the same four walls, it can become tiring, dull and boring. A fresh lick of paint, brand new desks or extra space to utilise can do wonders for the productivity and happiness of your employees. 

And what better time to plan a fresh start in the office than with a brand new year? With 2020 just around the corner (in five weeks time, can you believe?!) we thought what better time to put together a guide of our predictions for interior trends that every office can try out in the new year, with our services here at Office Options

Commercial Office Design Trends To Try In 2020

Incorporating downtime areas –

Every office needs somewhere that employees can take five in to clear their mind from stressful, complex situations or tasks, and to take the time to refocus. Whether it is five minutes or an hour lunch break, workplaces offering a place for their staff to unwind and enjoy is good for encouraging and maintaining positive mental health in the workplace! You could do this through having a relaxed coffee corner, a games room or investing in inviting furniture. 

Here at Office Options, we can design and implement Canteen and Break-Out Area Fit Outs for any office of any size, that are welcoming and encouraging for employee’s to use. We find that a canteen or break-out space that is carefully designed and furnished can also double up as a relaxed meeting room or quiet work area, therefore adding value to your business workspace. 

Our job is to understand your objectives and guide you through the options to reach a coordinated solution that meets your budget requirements and adds value and flexibility to your workplace.

First Impressions Count –

Your reception area is the first impression that your potential client or customer will get of your business. It is where you will meet and greet them for the first time and it is their first point of contact with your employees. 

We can help you set the tone for visitors coming into your organisation with our Reception Area Fit Out service. We offer modular and bespoke reception desks to suit all brand identities and budgets, and we provide a complete package service for décor, entrance matting, flooring, lighting, display panels, furniture, soft seating and even planters and accessories to ensure a coordinated overall effect that will represent and enhance your corporate image.

Some interior tips that can look extra effective in your office HQ are:

  • Branded Reception Desk
  • Testimonial Wall
  • Comfortable, Luxury Furniture

Focus On Departments –

If your office consists of many different employees working in different departments, then it can be beneficial to insert Partitions or Glass Walls into your floor space. This can help in cases of respecting everyone’s space and noise with departments that are necessarily loud, for example if you have a customer service department answering phones throughout the day, a partition or glass wall would help to lower the volume distracting other departments that require silence to concentrate. 

As part of our refurbishment and fit-out packages we supply and install all types of internal partition walls; from solid drywall stud partitions to full height glass walls, moving walls and acoustic panel partitions.

Glass walls are commonly either ‘frameless’, offering a near-continuous wall of glass with either flush glass or contrasting solid door options, or demountable, where glass panels (and solid sections if required) are mounted in an aluminium or timber track. Both styles can be single or double glazed, and double glazed walls can be supplied with integral privacy blinds.

We can apply customised window manifestation (frosting) and full-colour or obscuring window film to doors and windows to enhance corporate branding or provide privacy where required.

Moving walls provide flexibility for meeting spaces and other work areas: we can offer these to almost any specification, in any finish to suit the location. An excellent option for agile multi-use environments.

Acoustic panel partitions. These are increasing in popularity both as an attractive means of defining work zones and as an acoustic solution to reduce sound bounce in an open plan area.

Multi-Purpose Furniture –

Desks that have multi-purpose are great for space consumption in the office. For example, breakfast bars that can double up as quiet work space with USB plugs and sockets. 

Another multi-purpose interior addition could be introducing Meeting Pods to your floor plan. Not only are these great for quiet space to get deadlines done, but they can double as unique meeting rooms, as opposed to a traditional boardroom. 

Quiet meeting or study pods, relaxed and casual furniture, office phone booths and communal work benches are just a few of the innovations that have been finding their way into our workplaces. As workforces become more mobile this trend is set to continue. With increasing numbers of staff working wholly or partially off-site or from home the traditional concept of one desk per staff member becomes obsolete.

Replacing personal desks with a hot-desking solution tailored to the number of staff present at any one time frees up floor space which can be well utilised by a third space solution incorporating a blend of collaborative meeting points and focussed work areas.

Forward-thinking employers seeking to attract and retain top talent are increasingly turning to more casual interiors, often blurring the lines between work, coffee shop and home. The options for creativity are endless, but the sheer choice can be confusing. Our design team would love to help you: we can produce space-plans and 3D renders to help you visualise your concept, and then we can bring your new space to life!

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