The Ultimate Office Fit Out Checklist

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There can be many reasons for undergoing an office fit-out; you could be moving into a brand new office space post-lockdown on the team’s return to work, or perhaps you are expanding your team and require more space. You may be addressing issues affecting workplace efficiency and productivity, or it is just time to inject a new lease of life into an ageing office. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is always guaranteed – an office fit-out requires careful planning. This is why today we bring you our ultimate Office Fit-Out Checklist to help you plan your project for success. Let’s get started…


Why Create An Office Fit Out Checklist?


An office fit-out is certainly not limited to soft furnishings. It can involve the structural aspects such as partitions and suspended ceilings to integrated ventilation and air conditioning and so much more. This is why whenever you are undergoing any type of interior shake-up, it is always a good idea to piece together an office fit-out checklist to not only help you to strategically plan out each phase of the project, but it allows you to include your employees in the updates for future plans to the workplace. 


A diligent, step-by-step plan can also help to keep you on track of the environmental and workplace regulations that you must follow, in addition to ensuring that the project stays on budget, and on schedule.


An office fit-out checklist is an efficient and universal way of ensuring that all of the above are covered and all of the correct precautions have been taken. 


Where Do I Start?

Settle A Budget 

An office fit-out can be a major project, meaning it can be a costly one at that too if avoidable mistakes are made. Therefore the first step on your office fit-out checklist that you should take is to settle on a clear and realistic budget. You need to know what you can comfortably afford and what you need to factor in extra cash for. Remember to consider three things in your budget:


  • Furniture / Elements
  • Tme 
  • Labour 



It is vital that you scope out the exact area of the workplace that you are going to be instructing the fit-out. Once you have established the capacity and square footage, you can begin to piece together a brief plan; for example: from which area you want to be prioritised, where you want the power points to be located, where you require easy access all the way down to when is best for the work to take place. (Don’t worry, your project manager will be able to help with all of the above if you are unsure!)


Create A Plan

Another stage that your project manager can assist you with is your main plan of action. This will be yours, your contractor and employees timeline to ensure that everyone involved or affected by the project is on the same page and knows exactly what work is coming up and when. 


Top tip: It’s important to bear in mind that although you have created a slick plan, not every single thing will go to plan. There may be delays in specific tasks, a longer wait than expected for materials and so on. So once your plan is created, it is always wise to keep on top of the progress by asking your contractor for weekly updates, so that you can feed this information to your employees. 


Inform & Involve Your Employees 

Inform: This leads us on nicely to our next point. The most effective work will be carried out when everyone is aware of the plan of action and can assist in the process if needed. Good communication will not only help the overall ease of the project, but it can help to speed the process up. 


Involve: While you are informing them of any upcoming changes or developments, why not involve them too? Remember, your team is what makes your service what it is. They keep the cogs turning – put them at the heart of the project and ask what they think of the design, what they believe is missing and so on. At the end of the day, you are undergoing the office fit-out to make their time in the office more enjoyable and more efficient, so ask what they think! 


Inform Visitors 

As much as we do try to carry out any work with very little to no disruption to your business, sometimes it is inevitable in order to get a task done. If you are expecting any visitors or client meetings at all, inform them of the work that you are having done prior to their arrival so that they know what to expect when they arrive. 

Draw Up A Protection Policy

As a business owner, you have responsibilities to cover. Therefore before any work begins, ensure that you are following Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015, and that your contractors are following Health & Safety requirements for the project to be carried out safely. 


Furniture & Storage 

Two major components in an office. Work from your budget to determine what type of furniture you want to have included in your office fit-out, and what storage is absolutely essential. 


Furniture: Consider whether you want your furniture to be branded, to be uniform, and how much of it you will need. Involve your team in the choice of furniture for your office, ask what they would like to have and what they think reflects the brand. You can view our range of office furniture on our website today for inspiration. 


Storage: Storage is often a majorly overlooked component in an office fit-out project. But it is absolutely essential to get right. Decide what storage your business requires, everything from work related storage for technology and equipment to your employee’s personal belongings. When it comes to storage versus space, consider what you can utilise digitally, for example – got a lot of work related files stored? Store than on cloud storage to cut down the clutter! Take a look at our range of storage products and solutions on our website today. 


Final Walk Through

Once your office fit-out is complete, always make sure that you book some time with your project manager to walk you through the work that has been carried out. You want to see the changes and hear exactly what has been done with your money, right? So now is your chance to ask all of the questions you can think of, discuss any snags and agree on any solutions there and then to book them in efficiently.  


How Can Office Options Help? 

Office Options can help with any office fit-out project that your business has in mind. From large scale to intimate, boutique style fit-outs. If you would like to initially discuss the idea of an office fit-out to scope your project from the beginning, or you would like to begin to put the wheels into motion, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today and let’s get started creating your dream office! 

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