Happy New Year from Office Options!

Happy New Year!

2015 is over and it’s back to work again…

so what can we expect from 2016?

  • 2016 is a leap year – so we get an extra day to enjoy at work!
  • Economists predict that the world economy will be slightly better than last year with growth forecasted at 3.6% in 2016 instead of 3.1% in 2015 – how about an office refurb to celebrate in style?
  • 2016 is predicted to be the hottest year on record – make sure the air conditioning can cope with it!
  • 2016 popular office furniture trends include:

Sit/Stand desks and meeting points.

Flexible working spaces.

Introducing natural or domestic furnishings into the workplace.

Incorporating extra technology such as smart chargers, USB ports and sockets into desks and breakout furniture for quick and easy connections.

And Office Options has BIG plans for moving ahead in the office furniture and fitout world during 2016!

Don’t be left behind, call our helpful staff at our Middlesbrough office for your personalised quotation – an office refurbishment has been proven to create new enthusiasm and motivation amongst staff!

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