What is Office Refurbishment?

An office refurbishment is essentially a redesign of your current office to enhance its overall look or address specific workspace issues. For instance, this can include redesigning an outdated space, altering the appearance of your office to fit more in line with your brand or changing the layout of your space to deal with an expanding team. Activities covered in an office refurb can include: painting and decorating through to the complete restructuring of an office with new walls, floors and partitions.

What’s the difference between an office refurbishment and an office fit-out?

People can often get confused between an office refurbishment and an office fit-out. This is due to the fact that the terms are often used interchangeably. However, even though they may appear similar on the surface, they point towards two totally different directions. An office fit-out is essentially transforming an entire office that is starting from scratch, with the focus being on the structural aspects of the workspace and where different rooms will be located. An office fit-out also includes heating, plumbing and electrical equipment being installed. On the other hand, as mentioned above, an office refurbishment is more to do with changing the design of the workspace to address workplace issues or enhance its overall look. This is where a professional office refurbishment company can step in and help with such things as selecting the colours, materials and furniture of your new space.

Where do you start with an office refurbishment?

Identifying the reasons for refurbishing your office is incredibly important to ensure that the finished space meets your needs. For instance, if you’re running out of space due to an expanding team, then designing an office with a reduced floor size is the last thing you want to do.  The best place to start with a project like this is to think about how you would like your team to work. Do you want them to be able to collaborate freely and creatively in informal workspaces? Or would you rather have them work within meeting rooms around a board table? You may also need to think about what types of teams you have and where you would prefer them to be located within the space. For example, you may not want your sales team situated close to your accounts team as the noise may be too distracting for them.
If you plan and think about why you need an office refurbishment early on, you’ll be far more prepared to identify what exactly you want when it comes to discussing your plans and ideas with your chosen office refurbishment partner.

Increase employee work efficiency

A fresh look can have a huge impact on your team and their productivity. Studies show that employees work faster and more efficiently in a creative space that is designed with work output in mind. In fact, strong office design can make employees up to 33% happier at work.

Attract new clients

First impressions are everything. Your office is essentially the face of your company and the design and quality of your workspace can speak volumes. A well designed and high-quality work environment can indicate that your company is turning over a healthy profit, leading to more clients having faith in your work and success and be more inclined to work with you.

Attract passing trade

Is your office on a busy high street or in a high traffic zone? An eye-catching office front and window display is a great opportunity to take advantage of the continuous stream of potential clients passing by you.

Declutter and improve office layout

It’s extremely common for an office to accumulate unwanted furniture over time. Old chairs and desks can easily start to mount up and take up once utilised space. An office refurbishment is a perfect opportunity to rethink the entire layout of your space and get rid of any old or unwanted furniture.

Increase space for new employees

Is your company growing? Your current office layout may not be suitable for your new staff members. An office refurbishment will allow you to make the most of your current space without needing to find an entirely new office. Which, in the long term, could potentially save you thousands of pounds! To find out more about Office Refurbishments, read our other Office Refurbishment blogs:

How can Office Options help?

The team at Office Options can take care of every aspect of your office refurbishment project. Whatever the complexities or scale of the project our dedicated account managers are keen to assist and advise. If you are looking into an office refurbishment, please feel free to contact us! We believe in providing our clients with the complete package service and total peace of mind: a one-stop-shop for inspirational work environments.

To discuss your project with our team today, give us a call on 01642 211 100 and email us at sales@officeoptionsuk.com