How To: Create An Inspiring Commercial Office Space

Due to COVID-19, the majority of us are working from home right now. Meaning if you had been considering making any major changes to the interiors of your commercial office, then now could be the perfect time to do so. Take this opportunity to reflect with your team, on what works and what doesn’t. 

What Is Commercial Interior Design?

First things first – interior design as you know it, and commercial interior design are two totally separate things. Although the overall purpose (to inject a new lease of life into a space) is a shared principle, the perspective and purpose is completely different for each. 

What Are The Differences?

Residential interior design has a sole purpose of improving the aesthetic finish of space. Focusing primarily on furnishings, colours and lighting – it is a service that pays attention to detail. 

Commercial interior design on the other hand has a split focus between the aesthetics AND attention of functionality. It must not only serve a purpose and work in favour of the workforce, but as such a huge foundation for commercial use, it must meet the brand objectives in the client brief.

The Geometry Method

Have you ever heard of the Geometry Method when it comes to designing commercial office space? It provides three steps to balancing the visual appeal, sustainability and functionality of a design. 

The Golden Ratio

One thing all designers are familiar with is the rule of thirds, right? Think of The Golden Ratio as your interior equal. This is the proportional concept to making a space aesthetically pleasing while still serving its overall purpose. Here are a couple of examples to bring the method to life:

  • Colour: 60% neutral tones, 30% dark tones, 10% bright tones
  • Furniture: 60% of any space should be saved for essential furniture (desks, electricals, appliances), 30% could be personal touches (kitchen appliances, games area), 10% any extras specific to your team or company

Scale and Proportion 

This step is essentially being mindful of the space you are working with and ensuring that all new furniture works with your new design layout to compliment the office you are working with and bring out its best potential. Overall, it is balancing the space (the size) and the proportion (the relationship). 

Patterns and Themes

Whether this be through custom wall treatments, art installations or functional tiles, geometry can be used to integrate design elements into a space to make an impactful statement for your company. 

Top Tips To Creating An Inspiring Commercial Office Space

  • Office Partitions – One way to maintain focus in a busy office space is by implementing office partitions to categorise desks by department. This will help to ensure productivity and efficiency if successfully allocated; for example, be mindful of which departments are nearby. Maybe don’t position a busy, loud sales department near an area where important meetings take place. The sound of conversation and phones ringing can be very distracting in the long run. 
  • Reception Area – Having a dedicated reception area will always help visitors feel at ease with their first foot in the door. Your reception staff are able to introduce them straight away and direct them to where they need to be. 
  • Furniture, Seating and Storage – Comfortable, practical and functional furniture will always help workplace efficiency flow. Here at Office Options, we have a range of styles to opt from. From innovate, viva and modular/bespoke styles. We also supply the accessories that form part of an efficient workstation: CPU holders, power modules, monitor arms, cable trays, pencil trays, laptop stands, desk mats, cable spines and foot rests. Have something in mind that you haven’t spotted yet? Don’t worry – we can source other products to your particular specification.
  • Meeting Pods – If you do all of your work from the exact same space, whether that be taking phone calls, having meetings, completing important accounts / paperwork, it can be hard to hold your focus. If you know that you have dedicated spaces to support your task, such as a board room reserved for meetings only, then you know that when you are in that room that task is your only focus. 

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How Can Office Options Help My Business?

If this time has got you thinking about putting plans into action, then we’re here for you! We provide a complete workplace consultancy and project management service – we work to minimise disruption to your business and to provide you with the benefit of a single point of contact for all aspects of your fit-out or refurbishment project.

Our Project Managers will guide you through the initial concept, budget and design stages, including any necessary building control approval, and manage the construction and furniture installation teams. We take care of the challenges and distractions and provide you with a fixed project cost, agreed in advance.

We have vast experience in: installing partitioning & glass walls, suspended ceilings, joinery, decorating, floor coverings, lighting, mechanical & electrical services, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning services, toilet & washroom installations, kitchen installations, H&S management, Building Regulations approval applications, window blinds installation, window frosting & manifestation, storage wall installation, bespoke receptions and furniture design and installation… to name but some of aspects of fit-out and refurbishment! We look forward to taking care of your project on your behalf.

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