5 Design Ideas For A Productive Office

Office design may not be top of your list of ideas to boost office productivity and the overall success of your business, but it should be as a well designed office makes a huge impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. Your office design should fundamentally be about keeping your staff and team members happy and engaged with their work. By having an office design that enables employee productivity and comfort, you are creating a work environment whereby employees are allowed to get on with their work effectively and enjoy their workspace.

What Do We Mean By Office Design?

“Office design” could potentially be interpreted quite loosely and it may be unclear as to what we actually mean when we refer to office design. Office design ideas can refer to specific office decor that reflects company culture and a company’s vision or it can refer to installing a functional space when designing a new office and everything in between! Quite often, interior design within office spaces will contain a specific colour scheme that is appropriate for that business. One example of a design idea that many offices adopt is if say for example the logo of a business is green, there may be a lot of green within that particular office. Most offices will be designed so that the work environment reflects the aesthetics of the business and the brand colours. Another element of office design can refer to office furniture such as desk lamps, office chairs or even a coffee table and statement plants! These are all practically important to have within an office and in order to maintain an office area to be proud of, it’s important that all office furniture is of a high quality and is well looked after. A key component of office design refers to the actual layout of an office, factoring in desk space, meeting rooms, break-out areas and other facilities such as kitchens, social dining areas, washrooms and more.

A well designed office is a healthy workspace and there are plenty of fun ideas that can be incorporated into your office design with the intention of increasing employee interaction and productivity. At Office Options, we have a wide range of great ideas and office design services that can help do just that!

Why Is Office Design Important?

Physical workplaces have a powerful impact on a  wide variety of factors including, productivity, creativity and team morale. Whether it be office lay-out , the office atmosphere or the interior design within an office space, it is vitally important to implement a workplace design that factors in and enables employee wellbeing and productivity. The average full-time employee works 1,800 hours per year, most of which are likely to be in an office or a home office. This is why office layout design should help to inspire and motivate your employees, giving them a bright and positive place to work. 

Ready to create a workspace that encourages productivity? We hope that our 5 office design ideas for a productive office will help to inspire you to create a new space and an office to be proud of.

5 Design Ideas For Your Office for Improved Productivity and Purpose

Agile WorkspaceNo one enjoys being stuck in the same office chair for 8 hours a day, so bear this in mind when designing or redesigning your office workspace to improve productivity and purpose. You want to design your office layout in such a way as to encourage movement whenever possible to help keep your team awake, healthy, and working productively. Team workbenches, focus work booths and sit-stand desks all help to promote a ‘hot seating’ approach, rather than a static workspace.
Open PlanThe use of office partitions and glass walls can help break up open plan office areas, whilst keeping them as bright and open as possible. When employees are shut away in separate offices with minimal interaction with colleagues, it can be both isolating and unmotivating. Moving walls provide flexibility for meeting spaces and other work areas: we can offer these to almost any specification, in any finish to suit the location.
Choose The Right Furniture Office furniture can play a huge role in the productivity of your employees. It is well worthwhile investing in well-designed  chairs that allow employees to work comfortably and creatively. Consider different seating for different areas to help separate the different purposes, perhaps more funky seating in break-out areas, ergonomic back-care chairs for working areas and formal, smart chairs in conference rooms and meeting rooms. When choosing the right office furniture, is it vitally important that all furniture is used appropriately and is used in the right setting. It is important to get the office desk areas right as this is where most employees will spend the majority of their time at work. It may be worth getting feedback from your employees regarding which sort of desks they would prefer. Here at Office Options we have a large variety of options when it comes to desking in bespoke shapes and sizes.
PrivacyAlthough open plan offices are becoming increasingly popular, this sociable and more exposed working environment may not work for everyone. Help cater to those that prefer to work away from the hustle and bustle, by giving them the option of utilising more private and quieter places to work, where they can get on with individual tasks. The use of meeting pods offer a space for employees to escape to, whether by themselves or with those who they’re working with on an upcoming project. 
Natural LightNatural lighting is an extremely important aspect to consider when it comes to your office design. Harsh lighting or dim lighting can have a significantly negative impact on employees, making it harder for employees to concentrate on their work, and can also affect the quality of their sleep, which certainly won’t help optimise their productivity. By increasing the amount of natural light in an office space, employees are provided with more comfortable environment and are more able to focus on their work without any unnecessary distractions. Natural lighting has shown to improve employee happiness and satisfaction, resulting in less absences, and increased productivity! So ensure to plan your office design in response to the natural light in your office.

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How Can We Help With Your Office Space?

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