Office Interior Design Tips

When it comes to designing or redesigning an office space it can be hard to know exactly where to start. It’s no small task, and requires a lot of planning and designing in order to create a workspace that can both inspire and support your business in a number of ways. Office interior design involves a number of different things. It could be the necessary office furniture which dictates the office layout, or the position of new glass partitions and existing external windows that allow for natural light throughout the workspace. In this blog, we will be discussing interior design tips to make your office look the best it can!

Make Your Office Interior Design Special

You want to make your office space unique and specific to your particular business. A well designed and thought out space combines both practicality and comfort, and in order to create this you’ll need to understand how your employees work. It’s useless to design a space that looks great but doesn’t function well. Is your existing office layout inefficient, or does it encourage distracting and unhealthy habits? You’ll want to improve productivity at your office, and business productivity takes a leap when the design of your office is taken seriously. Including your employees in the process is a good idea, find what works best for them and what changes they’d make to ensure the new office design works for everyone. 

Why Does Office Design Matter?

So, why is it so important? Although some may not think it, office interior design can hugely impact the way in which your employees work. For many people, the majority of their waking hours are spent within the four walls of an office, and if the space is dingy, uninspiring and crowded, it’s unlikely that they’ll produce their best work.

By creating a positive and functional place to work you can help to inspire employees and boost productivity. From layout to lighting you’ll need to consider every single aspect in your new office design!

Our Office Design Tips

The Office Options team have pulled together our top three office interior design tips to help walk you through what needs to be considered when it comes to office interior design;

Style & CharacterWhen it comes to styling your office it’s important to consider a number of key factors. Whether your style is sleek and corporate or trendy and creative our design team can help you choose finishes that are aesthetically pleasing and will enhance your brand. If you haven’t quite figured out your company style, don’t worry! We can work with you to create a style you’ll love.  Firstly you’ll need to consider the layout. It’s important to create designated areas, for example, incorporating break out and quiet working spaces gives employees separate areas that they can utilise as and when they need, away from their usual working desks. Agile and open-plan working spaces have become exceedingly popular, especially in modern office designs. Glass partition walls are a great way to separate spaces whilst keeping them bright and open, however, some employees may work better in more private spaces – so you want to ensure these are also incorporated into the office design. We have a wide range of office partition systems to suit the style your business is looking for. Agile and open plan working spaces mean many businesses are implementing hot desking, but you’ll need to figure out and understand how your employees work best first. Colours impact your mood so you’ll want to opt for a colour scheme that goes with your business but also creates a positive and productive atmosphere. 
Comfort & FlexibilityComfort is key when it comes to designing your office. Your office should be a welcoming space where employees can get on with their work comfortably and efficiently. Creating a space that employees enjoy working in will boost productivity and result in better outcomes for your business. Good quality office furniture is essential and we have an extensive variety of furnishings, from a vast range of suppliers, to suit your corporate style. Employees may spend the majority of their day sitting in a chair, so it’s important to make sure that it’s a comfortable one! Creating an agile working environment is a good idea as hot desking is becoming extremely popular, encouraging workers to not just sit in the same spot all day. A growing number of businesses now opt for an ergonomic office design, from furniture to keyboards, all of which are designed for comfort and efficiency in the workplace. Opting for an ergonomic office design will also help to boost productivity of employees. Proper task lighting is also required in order to reduce headaches and eye strain if your workers are sitting at a computer screen all day. Another modern office design idea is to provide a space, such as a cosy corner, for employees to relax and interact with each other away from the desk environment.
Pragmatic & PracticalIt’s important to be pragmatic in your approach to office design. Figure out what will and what won’t work for the space you have without getting carried away. Identify any existing problems in the workplace and figure out how you can improve them. Involving employees in the process is a good idea as they will know the real day-to-day issues with the current space and may have good solutions to implement in the new design. Storage is going to be key to integrate into your new office design and as the saying goes… tidy space tidy mind! Having plenty of storage will ensure there is less clutter lying around and therefore less distraction, so an increase in production. Strategically designing your office space to let in as much natural light in as possible is a good idea, as it’s proven that light and bright work spaces are beneficial for both employees’ health and productivity.

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How Can Office Options Help?

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