7 Ways To Make Your Boardroom A Flexible Workspace

A boardroom (or executive office as they can be referred to as) has the power to leave a strong impression on both your employees and your clients. It is the room where results are usually delivered, negotiations are made and deals are done. But rather than fill you with dreaded fear (don’t worry – we’re not channelling Lord Sugar’s The Apprentice!) we want to show you how you can make the most of your boardroom and make it a flexible workspace for the team to thrive in. Let’s get started…

7 Ways To Make Your Boardroom A Flexible Workspace

1. Find the right location for your boardroom

As we touched on earlier, your boardroom is the one place where results are delivered, negotiations are made and deals are done. It’s location within the office is vital in order for it to serve its purpose. 

Top tip: Think carefully about where you locate your boardroom and what you will discuss. For example, if it is a room where you will discuss highly confidential information, or you will hold regular meetings with very important people then it would be best to not locate the room next to your customer services department who will more than likely be very active on the telephones, generating a lot of background noise. 

2. Choose a space with a good source of natural light

A room with plenty of windows is always beneficial for a boardroom or executive office. You want your team and clients to feel awake, motivated and alert in meetings and a well-lit room is going to help with that. Natural light is always the best source of light, especially within the workplace. The less that you have to rely on artificial lighting the better. 

3. Your boardroom desk is the anchor 

The most vital component in your boardroom is of course, your boardroom desk or table. It is where yourself, your team and your clients will come together and get down to business, so it is important to make sure that the choice of desk is functional. Some helpful things to consider when choosing your boardroom desk are: 

  • That the desk can be easily moved if needed
  • Can the desk be adjusted?
  • It is aesthetically pleasing, as well as performing the job
  • Can it be integrated with technology and power sources? 

4. Integrated power source

Our previous point feeds in nicely here. If you are going to be spending long days in the boardroom, then it would be beneficial to consider getting the desk integrated with technology and your source of power. 

Here at Office Options, your furniture can be fitted with customised power and data points and we can design and install coordinated storage, cloak cupboards, credenza units, refrigerator units and coffee points to meet your requirements.

We can supply wall-to-wall fitted storage and display units to complement your boardroom furniture or desks, with integral display screens and power and data provision as required.

5. Comfortable seating 

There may be many tense conversations that could be held in a boardroom, therefore comfort is key. When choosing your office furniture, consider the following when investing in your chairs:

  • Durability (ideally, you don’t want to have to regularly replace your furniture)
  • Mobile (you can move your seats around as and when you require)
  • Provide comfort and support

Check out our range of seating options here at Office Options. 

6. Heating and Air Conditioning 

The temperature of a room impacts the way in which your team work massively. For example, if it is the height of summer, you may struggle to focus and feel motivated if there is no cool air or ventilation system set up, and vice versa in the winter seasons you want to feel comfortable and warm.  

7. Hone in on the acoustics of the room

Boardrooms are usually a space to get down to business, therefore you want to ensure that you hone in on the acoustics of the room for example:

  • Privacy 
  • Soundproofing
  • Sound clarity 

Referring back to step one, ideally, you do not want to be distracted by background noise while in the boardroom. Keeping the previous points in mind will help to promote professional, efficient and productive meetings. 

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