Sit-Stand Desks – the advantages

Sit-Stand desks are becoming increasingly popular as employers recognise the need to provide ergonomic solutions for staff.

International research has shown that sitting in the same position for over 4 hours can lead to disrupted blood sugar levels, increased blood pressure levels and cardiovascular disease, but standing still for long periods can also cause problems and in fact increase risk of musculoskeletal trouble such as back or leg pain.

Instead health experts recommend that frequent movement is the best solution to stay healthy. Just a few minutes of moderate exercise every hour can reduce fatigue, improve circulation and have a positive impact on general well-being.

This is where the Sit-Stand desk has it’s advantages as users can adjust the height to suit how they feel or the activity they’re working on – for instance standing to make telephone calls can make you feel more alert and able to focus on the call, while some tasks may be easier sitting down.

Height adjustable desks come with either a manual crank handle mechanism or an electric motor which although more expensive is much easier to operate especially if you will be adjusting the height several times during the day.

Desktops are available in all shapes, sizes and colours, or if you need to match existing furniture give us a call – one of our sales team at Office Options will be able to help you!

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