Small Desk Accessories for Big Improvements!

Small desk accessories can bring BIG improvements to your day to day working life without spending too much of your budget…

Monitor Arms – get rid of your pain in the neck! With your screen mounted on a monitor arm it will always be at the correct height, and is easy to swivel out of direct sunlight or move to discuss a project with your colleague. Monitor arms come in a standard pole clamp adjustable version or make it even easier with a gas-lift action which can be adjusted effortlessly, hold up to 6 screens or if you prefer an additional mounting bracket for a laptop or tablet is also available.

CPU Holder – create your own space! CPU holders are designed to be fixed underneath the desk top to keep CPU’s off the floor or desktop, creating more space to work and preventing accidental damage from knocks or spills. Fully adjustable to fit all sizes of CPU’s.

Cable Trays and Spines – cluttered up with cables? Cables falling round your feet could not only be a trip hazard but even cause damage to your cables increasing the risk of electrical fires starting. So a simple cable tray, used with or without a vertical cable spine, will keep your desk a safe and tidy place to work.

Power Modules – power at your fingertips! How many times do you crawl under your desk to plug in equipment or search for a wall socket only to find the nearest one is across the other side of the office? A power module is the solution! Many types are available from the inconspicuous porthole type to stylish desk-top power blocks. Choose from UK sockets, USB ports, HDMI ports or even a smartcharge wireless charging porthole to keep your phone charged up as you work.

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