Study Centre Refurbishment

A study centre refurbishment provided an exciting opportunity for our design team…

What was once an old stone-built family home which had been significantly extended over the years provided a unique challenge to convert into a modern, up-to-date study centre while still retaining the traditional features of the building.

  • interior walls were moved to provide improved traffic flow through the building
  • a new glass walled orangery was added in place of a small existing conservatory to provide an extra room for collaborative study
  • the staircase was partially closed off leaving just the lower steps for a snug reading corner
  • traditional features were reclaimed and enhanced where possible, such as the fitted alcove cupboards to provide extra storage, some of the walls stripped back to bare stone, and the old sash windows and window seats upgraded.
  • what was the old kitchen is now a combined art room and break room finished in clean, neutral colours.
  • the building also includes a primary study area with colourful seating and carpets, a semi-collaborative area with seating booths and a quiet study area with screened bench desks.
  • also included was a staff room, washrooms and a first aid room

Decoration throughout, including carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, lighting and blinds was carefully chosen to both compliment the old building and provide a cheerful, vibrant place for students to work.

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