How To Make Your Office Client-Friendly

A first impression really does count! And if you work in a space that often invites clients in for meetings, catch-up’s and project collaborations, then spending that little bit extra time paying attention to detail on the finer things can make a huge difference.

There are many things that you can do to your workspace in order to make it more client-friendly, through the colour palette, to the furniture that you use and the delegated space you provide. If you make your client feel comfortable, then chances are they will like to return as and when needed. So let’s take a look into how we can help here at Office Options, to make your workspace look and feel more client-friendly…

How To Make Your Office Client-Friendly

Colour Palette –

Colour choice can have a huge impact on setting the tone, creating a vibe and impacting a mood. Light colours such as white, grey and yellow tend to be positive, minimal and clear colour palettes, perfect for an office space. 

Think carefully about what type of message you want your brand to portray, what type of mood and tone you want to set, and research into what colours can best help you achieve this. 

Bring Personality –

The phrase ‘less is more’ can be applied most definitely to a professional workspace, in order to avoid cluttering space or creating an over-crowded area. However, sometimes it can be beneficial to bring a little bit of personality to your office space. This can help your clients gain a deeper understanding on what your brand is all about, help to involve inclusivity, and bring your workspace together for an all-rounded branded finish. 

To achieve this, you could create a picture wall, where you display professional photographs of your team members, or behind-the-scenes action shots from a working day. You could create a branded wall, where you use your logo or brand name as a feature wall. Add quirky furnishings that relate to what you do or mean something to your team. 

Create A Quiet Corner –

Although you definitely want your workspace to feel personal and full of life and character, you also want it to still be a traditional workspace. This means that certain requirements should be allowed for, such as a quiet corner. From time to time, when the workload builds up, you may find that your employee’s need a little bit of quiet-time and look for somewhere they can work in peace. Why not introduce ‘quiet corners’ for both your employees to utilise, and your clients to use if they are going to be in and around your office for a longer spell of time.

A great way of implementing this is with the addition of Meeting Pods, in your office floor plan. We can help you design your perfect quiet corner with the use of our relaxed, comfortable and casual furniture, to help your employees find it easy to use. 

Utilise Your Refreshment Area –

A delegated area that welcomes both employees and clients to utilise for tea breaks, dinner breaks and refreshment time is always an added bonus to any workspace! Whether you want to include a coffee machine, vending machines, cooking appliances and so on, a welcome space that allows socialising and that five minutes of downtime can make a huge difference.

We can help you design and fit-out Canteen and Break-Out areas here at Office Options, our job is to understand your objectives and guide you through the options to a coordinated solution that meets your budget requirements and adds value and flexibility to your workplace.

Focus Heavily On Your First Point Of Contact –

When your client or a potential client first comes into your place of work, the first point of contact is often your reception area and your reception staff. Spend time briefing your team members on the language they use, the body language they posses and how they initially welcome people in. if someone is welcomed warmly either in person or on the phone, they are more likely to return and stay in touch.

With this being said, a warm and welcome reception area can also massively help to make your clients feel welcome. The reception area sets the perceived status and tone for visitors to many organisations: so it is vital to get it right!  

Here at Office Options, we offer modular and bespoke reception desks to suit all brand identities and budgets, and we provide a complete package service for décor, entrance matting, flooring, lighting, display panels, furniture, soft seating and even planters and accessories to ensure a coordinated overall effect that will represent and enhance your corporate image.

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