Five Signs Your Office Needs A Refurbishment

As a business owner responsible for your team it is important that you can recognise the signs of a good office environment, one that contributes positively to team productivity, performance, and that also provides a memorable and welcome experience for customers or prospective clients who may visit. 

Knowing when your office is looking past its best, and being able to identify when an office refurbishment may be required is key to upholding this strong office environment and culture. An office refurbishment can refer to office space, office furniture and even office interiors. A complete office refurbishment will factor in all of these areas and more to create a well designed office space. We’re going to take a look at what five signs you need to look out for in your office, that might indicate it’s time for an upgrade and office refurbishment.

What Is An Office Refurbishment?

An office refurbishment is a transformation of an existing office space into a new working environment that will benefit the team and your business. This could be needed for a variety of reasons, but essentially the office refurbishment will aim to solve any problems you are facing, and improve the working environment and therefore workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. 

With Office Options, we will provide a complete workplace design consultancy and project management service for your office refurbishment project, and we will work with you from the initial concept, budget and design stages, through to any construction, installation and decorating phases as required.

​​Five Signs That Your Office Space May Need An Office Refurbishment

If you’re feeling like your office space is facing some challenges and could do with an upgrade, then chances are you’re facing at least one of these problems. Here’s five signs that your office space may need a refurbishment:

Office OvercrowdingIf you simply have too many staff and not enough  space to put them, or the set up of the office means that people are cramped in together rather than maximising the space available then you may need to look at making changes. Office Options can help you make best use of the available office space, and work out designs that will solve this issue without compromising on communication across the team.
Outdated and Poor Interior 
It may be that your office is old and beginning to look a bit out of date. An outdated office environment is likely to be something that the staff will pick up on, so it’s a good idea to address this before it becomes too much of a problem. Working in a modern, high quality environment can often be a big motivating factor for staff, so if they’re starting to make comments – take note! We can help you modernise and improve your office in terms of furnishings and decorations as part of our office refurbishment process.
Employee DissatisfactionIt might not just be the decoration or furnishings causing your employees dissatisfaction. If the set up or layout of the office is preventing them from doing their job to the best of their ability they are likely to become frustrated. If there are issues with technology, or accessing equipment they need for example this is only going to hinder their productivity. We can take all of these things into account when working with you to transform your office and employee space. An attractive workplace will help your business attract and retain key talent, and thereby reduce time spent in recruiting new staff!
Workplace Productivity IssuesEven if employees aren’t actively complaining about problems, you may have noticed a reduction in productivity or output. If an office refurbishment could improve these situations then it will be a huge benefit to you, your business and your staff if you address it before they start to make comments themselves. 
Lack Of Company BrandingCompany branding is hugely important when establishing a brand presence, especially if you often welcome guests, customers or clients to your offices. If your branding changes, it may prompt you to upgrade your office alongside it, or if your office lacks any branding at all it is something to consider introducing into the design. 

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