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Office Options were asked to update 5 rest rooms in the factory to create a welcoming and relaxing environment for staff, using durable finishes that will stand up to the challenges of heavy 24-hour use.

This is what the rest rooms looked like before…

This is what the rest rooms looked like after…

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Refurbishment project of rest rooms

Detailed 3D CAD designs were produced for each rest room giving the clients and staff a clear vision of what to expect.

3D image NSK

Each rest room consisted of a new kitchen area alongside a relaxing and dining zone. Office Options fitted new scratch-resistant half-height wall cladding, redecorated, upgraded the electrical and plumbing services, added TV points, installed new anti-slip vinyl flooring, suspended ceiling tiles and furniture.

rest room refurbishment

The rest room projects were refurbished in sequence, and the project was carefully project managed ensuring each room was complete and handed over to the client ready for staff use prior to works commencing on the next area.

The result: a set of fresh, clean and practical restrooms for NSK staff to relax in!

rest rooms

nsk service image

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